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This Week in Religion 2017-09-24

by | September 24, 2017

Scott Douglas Jacobsen “While I am sure that there are many people working in scientific fields who would claim to be religious, it always seems to me that there really is a basic conflict here, rather than a “misunderstanding” (“Would you Adam and Eve it? Why creation story is at heart of major misunderstanding”, News).

Chat with Isaiah Akorita – Head, Media Campaign Team, Atheist Society of Nigeria

by | September 24, 2017

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become an atheist? Isaiah Akorita: I wouldn’t say it was a single day. I was raised in a kind of liberal Christian home and although church attendance was strongly encouraged, I wouldn’t say my family was really fanatic about Christianity. I started having doubts in my University, late 2011 and early… Read more »

Conversation with Professor Tina Block on the Secular Northwest

by | September 24, 2017

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have done research into the secularism or irreligion in the Northwest, including the province of British Columbia and the state of Washington. You wrote on this in The Secular Northwest. What was the primary research question and finding? Professor Tina Block: I was interested in exploring not only why the Pacific… Read more »