Carleton U Students Are Gonna Vote

by | October 2, 2015

Mick Sweetman tweeted,

This “I’m gunna vote” video from the Carleton University Student Association is really…something.

It is wonderful, but not all Sweetman’s followers agree. However, if it gets students to vote , then WTF is their problem?

h/t: @LucRinaldi

2 thoughts on “Carleton U Students Are Gonna Vote

  1. Rob

    The video linked above was taken down, here’s a a link to another version of it.

    However, I support the idea that a sincere Uni student with a point to make should use Uni resources to the max and make something that looks like it was produced at a Uni, b/c we know that Unis generally have state-of-the-art media production facilities, and theatre students and music students and ad hoc grants and stuff. It’s a chance to make a splash. They missed and now their sincerity seems questionable. It’s the way of the world: make the standard or be forgotten.

    Good production is WAY less distracting from the central point than bad production is. That’s why I think it matters.


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