Monthly Archives: September 2015

Blue Rodeo: “Stealin’ All My Dreams”

by | September 29, 2015

Blue Rodeo has released a new (hit?) single: “Stealin’ All My Dreams: A Modern Day Protest Song.” Why? Greg Keelor says, “I didn’t want to talk about it, so I wrote a song about it.” What is “it”? Jim Cuddy explains, “Blue Rodeo does not always speak with one voice. However we feel collectively that… Read more »

Women of Mass Distraction

by | September 29, 2015

Sorry, but yes, once again, I am talking about… the Niqab: It is clear that the canard about a tiny number of Muslim women hiding their identities behind niqabs at citizenship ceremonies will be the hot-button issue of this election campaign. That’s too bad, because this blatant distraction is fuelled by cynicism, fear-mongering and misinformation.… Read more »

Nocturnal Adventures Of A Skeptic

by | September 28, 2015

I was walking down a hallway on an upper floor of a fading, run-down apartment building, with a set of keys in my hand. I don’t remember why I was there, except that it had to do with laundry. I was looking for a washing machine, or trying to find a flashlight so that I… Read more »

Tarek Fatah Criticizes Multiculturalism

by | September 27, 2015

Tarek Fatah, an author, a weekly columnist for the Toronto Sun and host of a weekly Sunday afternoon talk show on Toronto’s CFRB NewsTalk 1010, posted a 2:28 minute video on his website. Fatah includes his personal comment on the video, which is entitled “Sparks Fly as Liberal Senator Mitchell Attacks Liberal Muslim Tarek Fatah”:… Read more »

Carolyn Hyppolite: “Setting The Captives Free”

by | September 25, 2015

Spencer Lucas, the organizer of the Non-Conference held in Kitchener, Ontario in August, sent a link of the NicolSD/AtheismTV video of Caroline Hyppolite’s talk at the Non-Con to conference attendees. In his email, Lucas says, Carolyn’s speech was extremely well received, some saying it was the best of the conference. I think the title alone… Read more »