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by | August 28, 2015

So the Catholics need a new school

The Toronto Catholic District School Board opted to expropriate 17 North York townhouses to make way for a new high school in a controversial vote late Thursday. The board voted six-to-four in favour of the decision to expropriate the townhouses near Bayview and Cummer Avenues.

Who do they think they are? Conquistadors?

But Mike Del Grande, the former city councillor and budget chief turned Ward 7 school board trustee, said the homeowners will be paid more than market value for their homes and will have their moving expenses covered as well.
“They’ll be compensated, and then some, for their homes,” he said.
“Obviously, nobody likes to put people out of their homes.”

Well good, as long as the Catholic church is paying for this, and not the taxpayers… not going to hold my breath though.

Added punctuation per request:-)

Update: More details from the Star

2 thoughts on “Catholic Charity

  1. Heather Hastie

    imo, the Catholic Church is in the education business for one reason = the control it gives them of young minds. The damage they do is immense, and it’s time it ended everywhere.

    Religion should be a personal choice and that isn’t possible as long as children are having a particular point of view feed to them before their brains are fully developed.

    I would like to know too if the Catholic Church put any pressure on those voting. They’re pretty good at telling Catholics to “vote their conscience,” which basically means “support the Church or else.”

  2. Rob

    “Who do they think they are Conquistadors?”

    C’mon, Joe, punctuation is important.

    But what made my eyes go from watering to bugged right out is the revelation that an org. with the word “Catholic” in its name can be given the power to take people’s homes from them against their will. Makes me want to go hurt some Catholics, frankly.


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