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Lawrence Krauss @INR5

by | August 16, 2015

  The talk Lawrence Krauss delivered at INR5 is entitled “A Journey to the Beginning of Time: Turning Metaphysics into Physics.” One commenter, David Ezzio, says, Another truly fascinating talk by Lawrence Krauss. I’ll have to watch it many more times to wrap my head around some of the things that were said, but that’s… Read more »

The Meaning Of Atheism, Part 2: Three Ways To Lack Belief

by | August 16, 2015

Is an atheist someone who doesn’t believe in gods, or someone who believes there are no gods? It’s a hairline distinction, irrelevant for most practical purposes, but there clearly is a theoretical difference between the two definitions. Anyone who lacks belief satisfies the first, but only those who consciously reject belief satisfy the second. In… Read more »