“Join Us in a Demand for Justice”

by | March 10, 2015

Canadian Atheist joins Center for Inquiry US and Centre For Inquiry Canada to share a statement from Rafida Bonya Ahmed, the wife of freethought writer Avijit Roy.

Center for Inquiry US explains,

Rafida Bonya Ahmed was viciously attacked in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Islamic extremists wielding machetes as she and her husband, renowned freethought writer Avijit Roy, were leaving a book fair at Dhaka University. Dr. Roy did not survive the attack, but thankfully Ms. Ahmed is now recovering.


Ms. Ahmed’s family has asked the Center for Inquiry to share her statement:

My husband, Avijit Roy, wrote about science and rationalism and critiqued religious fundamentalism. Because of this, he was murdered. On February 26, 2015, he and I were attacked in a crowded area on the Dhaka University campus. Avijit was hacked to death by a machete; I survived.

As his wife, fellow writer, and a freethinker, I strongly condemn this gruesome act of terror.

The Dhaka University campus has historically been a space for progressive movements. It is also where Avijit grew up. Despite the death threat, we could not fathom that such a heinous crime could take place in such an area—a crime not only against a person, but against freedom of speech and humanity. While Avijit and I were being ruthlessly attacked, the local police stood close by and did not act. Now, we demand that the Bangladeshi government do everything in its power to bring the murderers to justice.

I do not believe that simply catching the killers will be enough. I urge the government to address terrorism and stop a legal culture of impunity, where writers can be killed without the killers being brought to trial. I urge the world to recognize what has happened and join us in this demand for justice.

            – Rafida Bonya Ahmed

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