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Secularism: A Principled Distance?

by | March 24, 2015

Some comments regarding secularism by India’s Vice-President Hamid Ansari were brought to my attention when a member of CFI Canada tweeted an article to me.  Ansari’s comments provide an interesting range of thought and some details worth exploring.  I was particularly interested in a comment that touches on issues that Canadian secularists (and here I… Read more »

Openly Secular and Openly Atheist

by | March 24, 2015

  It will come as no surprise to readers of Canadian Atheist that I am an atheist, openly secular and very comfortable about telling anyone who asks, or doesn’t ask, about my secular/atheist identity. So I am naively surprised by the need for an Openly Secular Day. Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist asks his readers,… Read more »