The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide

by | January 30, 2015

Everything you need to know about “The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide” is available on one website: End Blasphemy Laws. The “About” section explains,

The End Blasphemy Laws Campaign is run by the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws and brings together individual people (like you!) and organizations that share the same goal: campaigning to repeal “blasphemy” and related laws worldwide.

CFI Canada and Humanist Canada have joined forces to lobby against the Canadian “blasphemy law” they, along with Association humaniste du Quebec and the BC Humanist Association, are the Canadian partners in the international coalition against blasphemy laws. A post on the CFI Canada website invites you to visit the End Blasphemy Laws website to access information and updates on “the world’s biggest anti-blasphemy coalition and campaigns.” As one of the founding members of  the international coalition against blasphemy laws,

CFI Canada is proud to be working with organizations around the world to call for an end to all blasphemy laws.

The international coalition against blasphemy laws has issued an invitation:

If your organization — whether religious or secular, human rights-based or otherwise advocating freedom of expression — supports the aims and strategy of the End Blasphemy Law Campaign, then please get in touch and join us.

As Eric Adriaans, National Executive Director of Centre For Inquiry Canada says,

“We defend and promote everybody’s right to discuss, criticise and ridicule ideas and beliefs, even when this offends other people. We have rights, our beliefs do not. We respect the right of people to democratically debate their opinion on freedom of speech issues.”

Let’s all be part of the We.

3 thoughts on “The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide

  1. Tim Underwood

    The world is headed towards total world secularism. Barring, of course, asteroid destruction or a manmade equivalent.

    Now is the time to start making lists.

    In the politically democratic realm, the ruling class will want to maintain its perpetual inclusion.

    They have to be reminded that there is a list. Something akin to Martin Luther’s.

    Even archaic monarchist realms don’t want to be completely banned from future leadership opportunities.

    Even more to ponder, by the current oligarchs, is the problem of near future retributions. Remember South Africa? Well, that was a very mild and controlled retribution. Eighteenth Century Paris was closer to the expected thing.

    1. Veronica Abbass Post author

      Thanks Tim

      RE: “Now is the time to start making lists.”

      What would you put on the list?

      1. Tim Underwood

        Lots of things.

        To start with: who is in favor of supporting anti blaspheme laws.


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