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Michael Enright: “Socks for the Homeless”

by | January 4, 2015

Today, on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition, Michael Enright talks about “The City Where It’s Against the Law to Be Poor.” Today’s topic is a follow up to a February 24, 2013 episode “Socks for the Homeless“: Take a moment and think about socks. Yours are probably cosy.. They’re probably dry. And they keep your… Read more »


by | January 4, 2015

The website Why Evolution is True posted a tweet from atheist philosopher Maarten Boudry: Which leads me to introduce tweets from God @TheTweetOfGod that show that although God has many reasons to be embarrassed, he has a sense of humour: On December 25th: Jesus was born today. And if you believe that, you were born… Read more »