Colanders for some

by | October 7, 2014

A pastafarian has been denied his religious freedom. He has been banned from wearing his colander for a drivers license photo. Seems silly that he would want to do this, but also silly that he would be denied.

The logic is that he was unable to produce proof the colander is a requirement

But the insurer balked, telling him in a later letter, “we understand there is no religious requirement that prohibits you from removing the colander.” Adam Grossman, a spokesman for ICBC, would not disclose whether the provincial insurer has a list of religions it recognizes, or how it makes decisions as to whether a form of religious headgear will be accepted. He said in a written statement that “we will always try to accommodate customers with head coverings where their faith prohibits them from removing it. Mr. Canuel could not provide us with any proof that his faith prohibits it.”

…wonder what sort of evidence for doctrinal truth would suffice…

Noodlee 1:1
I declare a schism!
I refuse to pay the tithe!
And as prophet of the chosen people of… Spaghettinini I hereby declare that all Spaghettininis must wear the colander, when getting their picture taken(both still and video). If they fail, they are excommunicate, and may not participate in the eternal feast.
(Note: As prophet, I exempt myself from this rule, prophet’s privilege.)

There, an *official* blog post should do it. Now, all who wish the colander of Spaghettinini, repeat after me:

Noodlee 1:2
I wear the colander!
No likeness of me without the colander!
I am of the self chosen Spaghettinini
The eternal feast is ours
Ramen ramen bobamen

And in case a blog post is not enough, I just printed the first scripture of ‘the Noodlee’ on my blessed printer. But feel free to print directly from your browser. Religious freedom must be free…

Now he has proof!

More verses to follow… As I feel the divine inspiration…

2 thoughts on “Colanders for some

  1. dusttodust

    I would agree that this FSM thing makes religious accommodation and accoutrements look silly. But I doubt it will cause those practitioners to suddenly become self-aware seeing how silly it all is and go about stopping accommodating and the wearing of accoutrements.


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