Legal Discrimination in Ontario?

by | October 5, 2014

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St. John Catholic Elementary School in Peterborough, Ontario uses an outdoor sign to signal the emphasis it puts on education:

Faith: Through Words and Action

This blatant flaunting of religious privilege wouldn’t be quite so irritating if St. John Catholic Elementary School were not a publicly funded Ontario school.  Faith is not one of the three Rs: reading, writing and arithmetic; it certainly isn’t science, history or critical thinking. So why are publicly-funded Catholic schools in Ontario teaching faith?

The Questioning Show asks the same question:

The inaugural episode of the show [Legal Discrimination in Ontario?] puts the public funding of Catholic education in Ontario to the question. Plainly and admittedly discriminatory, we question the origins of the funding through Canada’s history as a beautiful compromise turned ugly monster.


One thought on “Legal Discrimination in Ontario?

  1. Tim Underwood

    When religions turn political.
    Who am I kidding?
    That’s the whole purpose to the “organized” thing.
    Canada already has three or four organizing levels.
    Let’s encourage our neighbors that this is sufficient.
    If the world-wide Islam community wants to send a message to the politically active and the militarily active nutcases they can similarly just quit.
    Tune out, Turn off, and join up! (to inclusive politics)


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