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CBC News discusses atheism, badly as usual

by | September 29, 2014

Whenever CBC tackles atheism on its news network, they bungle it hideously. Several times they’ve had panels discussing atheism without a single atheist present, and no one speaking for an atheist position – you can imagine how they’ve turned out. Well on The National on Sunday night, Wendy Mesley – a serial offender when it… Read more »

Freedom of Expression Denied

by | September 27, 2014

Civil Rights in Public Education (CRIPE) has shared the following press release: Secular Ontario: Freedom of Expression Denied   OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Sept. 26, 2014) – A private citizen in Ontario, Dr Richard Thain, a member of Secular Ontario and a supporter of Civil Rights in Public Education, placed an order with Pattison Outdoor Advertising… Read more »

Why we should imagine no religion

by | September 24, 2014

Michael Willems is a photographer, writer, educator, engineer, world traveller, and soon grandfather, who lives in Oakville, Ontario. He has written for Canadian Atheist before, on why there is no god. This time, he explains why belief in a god is a bad thing.

Remembering a skeptic

by | September 24, 2014

Gerald A. Larue, a former minister, and world class debunker is no longer with us, but we can certainly honour his memory and take inspiration from his achievements. Larue “had a strong regard for truth and limited patience for obscurantism. He had one foot in the real world and one foot in the ivory tower,”… Read more »