Jesus sucks

by | September 11, 2014

There really should be a rule or something about posting incriminating photos to facebook. Cause you know, it is the internet and the internet is an acrimony machine.

A Pennsylvania teenager is facing criminal charges after posting pictures to Facebook of him simulating a sex act with a statue of Jesus.
The young man posted that he took the pictures in late July at the statue of a kneeling Jesus in front of the “Love in the Name of Christ” Christian organization in his hometown of Everett.

Ok, I laughed, even though it seems like a douchey thing to do. But now he’s facing a ‘desecration’ charge…. and up two years in juvie.

Now, I’m sure people around here will object to the ‘desecration’ thing, but a similar thing happened in Canada a while back, and round these parts it is what you call mischief.

While I think both are stupid things to do, I’m inclined to think free expression… that causes no real damage shouldn’t be punishable however much it may offend the sensibilities of those who feel vicarious pain from objects.

Speaking of objects

A Vancouver catering company that offers sushi served on women’s naked bodies is sparking controversy among feminists who call the practice disgusting and degrading, but a model is defending the service, describing it as an empowering and respectful art form.
“We’re not hijacked into doing this,” Vancouver model Jessica Perry told Metro. “Personally, I find it something quite beautiful.”

Naked sushi… just sounds terribly awkward, what if the ‘model’ lets a huge fart rip during the meal?? Or…. ok, I have issues. I know.

But so do the feminists:

“Degrading is an understatement,” said Krish. “You are literally using a woman’s body as prop.”
Although the models voluntarily offer their bodies, Krish said the service still sends a message to both men and women that the female body is something to be used as a sexual object.

Ah yes, the terrible sending of messages, how horrible. I do actually agree, it does treat a woman’s body as a prop, but there doesn’t appear to be any exploitation here, just ‘objectionable’ optics…. and of course… ART. heheh.

What is the common thread you might ask? In all of these cases we are talking about vicarious harm and offense. Naked sushi seems icky to me, but what other consenting adults do, really should be their own business, unless real harm can be demonstrated.

The fact someone doesn’t like what they interpret as ‘the message’ seems to me to be their issues showing through, nothing more.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Jesus sucks

  1. Veronica Abbass

    Krish says, “You are literally using a woman’s body as prop.”
    No Krish, the company that is offering sushi served on women’s naked bodies is using a woman’s body as a plate.

    1. Joe Post author

      My guess is Krish needs some more… Um…. Sushi in her life… Desperately.


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