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The Non-Conference: TORONTO 2014

by | September 18, 2014

  WHY A CONFERENCE FOR NONS:   In Seinfeld, Jerry sits across from George at the diner and inanity ensues. From this sidetracked conversation about salsa George has an epiphany. The show they will pitch to NBC will be this: a show about nothing.   Atheism is the ultimate show about nothing.   Every atheist is… Read more »

Vice rejects the D

by | September 18, 2014

Apparently Vice is so mad at Richard Dawkins they want him excommunicated from… Sorry… ‘disowned’ by the atheist movement. Silly me, I’ve been critical of Dawkins for years, but never realized we owned him. What has he done now?? Did he threaten someone? No. Did he stalk someone? No. Did he insult someone? Nope. Did… Read more »