by | April 15, 2014

“Unbelievable” is the key word in Alberta Liberal MLA Kent Hehr’s statement:

“Fifteen years after the Supreme Court outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it is unbelievable this is still happening.”

What is still happening?

the Conservative [provincial] government recently committed to spending $7 million to modernize and expand Prairie Christian Academy (PCA), despite the fact the Three Hills facility displays policies on its website that “fly in the face” of both the province’s human rights legislation and the country’s Constitution.

If you live in Ontario, where Catholic school boards are responsible for large percentage of public funded education, it will come as no surprise that the Alberta government is using taxpayers’ money to fund a school that

requires teachers to abstain from “homosexual relations” and warns students that the unjust risk everlasting torment in the “lake of fire.”

While the sign in front of the Prairie Christian Academy claims to be “Modernizing” the Academy, modernizing is a misnomer.  The Academy’s “Philosophy Of Christian Education,” “Mission and Vision Statement” and it’s “Statement Of Faith” put the emphasis on “God” and “His Son, Jesus Christ,”

The Academy’s “Mission Statement” promises

to educate students to think and act Christianly, constructively and critically in order to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and to pursue godly character and life long service.

Most unbelievable is the promise

To develop creative and critical thinking and the proper use of biblical criteria for evaluation.

What would happen if a student dared to think creatively and critically about biblical teaching or if he she engaged “homosexual relations”?  The student wouldn’t have to wait for the “lake of fire”; the everlasting torment would be temporal.

This is the kind of education the Alberta government is funding. The Alberta government is supporting a religious education that undermines academic education and puts young people at the mercy of homophobic educators.

Now is the time for Alberta taxpayers to tell their MLAs that they don’t want the government to fund religious education with tax dollars. It is time to tell Alberta MLAs to support Liberal MLA Kent Hehr’s private member’s bill that asks for the creation of Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) in Alberta schools.

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