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Chaplains in the US Military Do More Than You Think: Why the ‘Humanist’ Designation is a Huge Benefit to Unbelievers

by | April 22, 2014

Remember when Rex Murphy called atheists “whiny” because our American cousins wanted their own chaplains in the military? He characterized atheists thusly and incorrectly assumed the whiny and angry atheists were just wanting something because the religious people had it and they felt left out: Evidence of this prickly, acutely self-regarding perspective comes from the… Read more »

“Atheism Needs to Find a Soul” Really?

by | April 22, 2014

MB Humanists tweeted “Atheism needs to find a soul.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? and linked to the Billy Dees’ article that prompted the question. According to Dees From a public relations standpoint atheists need to be more visible with positive actions and rhetoric that stems from a profound and positive ideology that is… Read more »