Thank You Kathleen Wynne

Say yes to On Monday, Luc Rinaldi tweeted a picture of the sign below with the comment, The typo isn’t a good start. Yesterday, Heather Mallick called the parents protesting Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum “[b]ad parents” and sent a message to Ontario students: Students, you have no idea how much … Continue reading

The Case for “Male Entitlement”

By Jackson Doughart Eric Adriaans’s riposte to my “justification” of “men’s use of the sex trade” would be interesting if only it responded in good faith to what I’d actually written, if he attempted to understand what I actually think, or if I had ever actually set out to provide … Continue reading

Prostitution: Men’s Entitlement and Accountability

By Eric Adriaans Recently, there has been some debate among several well-known opinion-holders…namely Heather Mallick, Jackson Doughart, and Veronica Abbass … all on the subject of a recent prostitution bill. In their public dialogue, it seems to me that some people are talking past one another. Prostitution is a complex … Continue reading

My life as a “misogynist”

By Jackson Doughart Normally, personal attacks are easily pushed aside as ad hominem, as Veronica Abbass’s article today on yours truly here might well be. But seeing as how she’s responding to my own piece in the Prince Arthur Herald about Heather Mallick, which is indeed a critique of a … Continue reading

“Heather Mallick’s Misandry” Really

Jackson Doughart has “no opinion” on prostitution laws, but he does have an opinion on Heather Mallick. In an article for the Prince Arthur Herald entitled “Heather Mallick’s Misandry,” Doughart claims he’s not here to discuss the bill, but rather to point out Mallick’s heartless characterization of men, which undergirds … Continue reading

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