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White Christian Bigotry

by | April 16, 2021

By James Haught James Haught is editor of West Virginia’s largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette, and a senior editor of Free Inquiry. He is 87-years-old and would like to help secular causes more. This series is a way of giving back. — (August 10, 2020 – Daylight Atheism) Racism is much stronger among America’s white Christians than among… Read more »

Interview with David Flint – Vice-Chair, North London Humanist Group

by | November 17, 2019

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen David Flint is the Vice-Chair of the North London Humanist Group. Here we talk about his life work, and views. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is family background, e.g., geography, culture, language, and religion or lack thereof? David Flint: I’m mostly English. One grandmother was a lapsed Jew but I never met… Read more »

Interview with Stephen Wilder – President, Secular Student Alliance Louisville

by | October 24, 2019

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Stephen Wilder is the President of the Secular Alliance Louisville at Louisville University. Here we talk about his life, work, views, and role. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is family background, e.g., geography, culture, language, education, and religion or lack thereof? Stephen Wilder: My dad grew up Christian but converted to a Black… Read more »

Ask Takudzwa 10 – Getting Things Going, Anticipated Difficulties

by | October 12, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Takudzwa Mazwienduna is the informal leader of Zimbabwean Secular Alliance and a member of the Humanist Society of Zimbabwe. This educational series will explore secularism in Zimbabwe from an organizational perspective, and some more. Here we talk about religious and political ties, and impacts on the community. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What will be… Read more »

Interview with Melissa Story on Personal Story and Christian Creationism

by | October 2, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Melissa Story has been a researcher on creationism in Canada in the past (Part 1, 2, 3, and 4). Her work impressed me, as few reasonably comprehensive works exist in the public records – intriguingly enough. Therefore, I reached out for an interview with her. Here we talk about her background and… Read more »

Press Release: Atheists Release Report Highlighting the Discriminatory Practice of Prayer in the BC Legislature

by | September 17, 2019

By British Columbia Humanist Association (Vancouver, BC) — Today, BC Humanist Association (BCHA) released a groundbreaking report entitled “House of Prayer: An Analysis of Prayers in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, 2003-2019.” The report details the discriminatory and exclusionary nature of prayer in the BC Legislature, and is part of a broader effort by… Read more »