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by | January 14, 2017

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

[Photo of a small maple tree infront of a detatched Toronto home. The tree is directly in front of the doorway, and about three metres from the driveway, with almost twenty metres of open grass on the other side.]

This tree is clearly a violation of vastu.

  • [] How Hindu Supremacy Is Poisoning the Indian Military

    We’re used to seeing stories about the Abrahamic religions having undue influence over secular politics. This piece on Hindutva – a nationalist, fascist, xenophobic strain of Hinduism – and its influence in India should remind that we need to keep an eye on all religions.

  • [] Widening the Freethought Circle

    Are we entering a post-New Atheist age?

  • [] While Rohingya Muslims Are Ethnically Cleansed, Obama Quietly Lifts Sanctions on Burma

    A lot of people point to Buddhism as an example of a quote-unquote “good” religion, holding it up as a true “religion of peace”. Don’t buy the hype. Buddhism is just as backward and anti-reason as any other religion. And, unfortunately, just as prone to violent extremism, as this example of Buddhists persecuting Muslims illustrates.

  • [] North York resident wins right to move city-owned tree based on religious belief

    I imagine some of our readers flew into an indignant rage the moment they read the article title. Well, this is actually a pretty funny story of how a Toronto resident (ab)used the legal requirement for reasonable accommodation to force an unreasonable city council to pull their heads out of their asses, and allow him to – at his own expense – move a tree a few metres to the left so that it no longer blocks his door, and its roots won’t tear up his driveway. He actually didn’t get a reasonable accommodation because they didn’t believe his claimed religious motivation was sincere (never mind some councillors’ sour grapes that he got the exemption, because he really didn’t), but the absurdity of it moved the council to actually seriously consider his request, and ultimately approve it… because there was really no reasonable argument against approving it.

    h/t Derek Gray

  • [] “The danger of admitting you’re an atheist Muslim”(Audio: 28:05)

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to this myself yet, so let me know in the comments what you think.

    h/t Derek Gray

  • [] Towards a new take on Black citizenship in Canada

    This is a fascinating opinion piece, pointing out that Viola Desmond – the Canadian who was chosen to be on the next $10 bill – is the first black Canadian recognized just for her struggle against racism, as opposed to accomplishments made after overcoming racism.

  • [] Is hunting moral?

    This piece does not answer the question, but instead provides a framework for reasoning about the ethical issue.

  • [] An Atheist Visits Ecclesiax

    Recent convert to Canuckism Alyssa Gonzalez visited a liberal church in Ottawa, and wrote a damned insightful thought piece about the self-defeating nature of progressive Christianity.

  • [] “Wings” by Andrés Diplotti (Flea Snobbery)

    I’d never seen this argument made before, but it’s hilariously true.

Upcoming items

  • [] Unholy opens at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

    The show’s description: Four female panelists face-off in a wild, whip-smart public debate about religion and misogyny. With opinions flying from a progressive Muslim lawyer, an Orthodox Jewish spiritual leader, an excommunicated nun and a lesbian atheist pundit, Unholy delivers a hilarious, no-holds-barred look at contemporary women in organized religion.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Update: to

  1. Randy

    “Are we entering a post-New Atheist age?”

    No. The article misreads what is happening. While attitudes to atheism as slightly better, most people “leaving” traditional religion are NOT leaving belief. Even a lot of people who label themselves atheist aren’t really atheist. After all, it’s a word that some folks find trendy.

    New Atheism, or rather “atheism”, has found a political home amongst people who reject the dogmas of the left and the right. Something like classical liberalism, although it includes libertarians and socialists as well. There’s not really a formal party for this growing group, but there are a large number of personalities writing blogs, making videos, recording podcasts, and so forth.

    Atheists have been stunningly-poorly served by our supposed friends in the Democratic, Liberal, NDP, and Green parties. So we’re leaving them behind, and moving forward. Whether that means a new party, or having strong influence in a smaller party, or getting some of our supposed friends to beg us to come back, it’s time to get things done.

  2. Randy

    Viola is, rather, the first person on the front of our money who wasn’t a leader of state or government. She’s so blatantly unfit to be there, it’s going to really stand out.

    I know we wanted a quota appointee here, and that should easily have been Kim Campbell (sorry, Kim, but this is the game they’re playing) who at least qualifies for a spot on our money. But of course it can’t be her because she’s from the wrong party, and white, and stubbornly alive. Oh, the horror.

    I want Liberals to take a good look at this door they’ve opened. Because our next Conservative or Alliance or Reform government is going to get payback. You just watch who ends up on our money next.

  3. Randy

    “Is hunting moral?”

    I used to think it was not. However, after discussing this with people who actually do hunt, I have changed my opinion significantly (as you do, when you accept new information).

    I would much rather eat something they caught, than anything the ends up on the grocery meat counter.


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