Empty All Publicly Funded Catholic Classrooms


The photo above accompanies the CTV News article “Alberta School Boards Block Debate, Vote on LGBTQ Motion at Meeting.” The caption below the photo reads

An empty classroom is seen in this undated CTV file photo.

On Monday, the Alberta School Board Association met to debate or vote “on a proposal that the group help its members establish policies to protect students who identify as sexual or gender minorities.” Neither the debate nor the vote took place because 24 of the school boards in the Alberta School Board Association

argued the issue wasn’t prominent enough and voted against dealing with the motion.

It will come as no surprise that

Most of the 24 boards that voted against allowing the motion to come to the floor for debate were Catholic.

Education Minister Dave Eggen

sent a letter to school boards noting that provincial law requires boards to create a safe learning environment, including for LGBTQ students.

Eggan has given the boards a March 31 deadline to get off their asses “to take action.”

Dave Eggen doesn’t need to to wait until the end of March. CTV News has already provided him with a solution: empty every classroom in every school that belongs to the the 24 boards that voted against allowing the motion to come to the floor for debate.  Stop funding these 24 school boards and begin the process to create one publicly-funded secular school system in Alberta. That’ll learn them!

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