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Canadian “Religious Freedom Advocates Need to Speak Out on Bangladesh Killings”

by | November 12, 2015

Paul Fidalgo, communications director for the Center for Inquiry, US, has an article published on Religion News Service (RNS) entitled “Religious Freedom Advocates Need to Speak Out on Bangladesh Killings”: In the past eight months, five people have been hacked to death by Islamic extremists associated with terror groups such as Ansar Bangla and al-Qaida. Each… Read more »

Soliciting suggestions for the 2015 seasonal music list

by | November 12, 2015

Every year around the start of December I publish a list of “Canadian atheist seasonal music”; a list of songs to help stave off the madness threatened by the endless stream of repetitive, treacly, monotonous music virtually every station, store, and party plays. This year, I’m soliciting suggestions a little bit in advance.

“Theology, It’s as Simple as God + God = 3”

by | November 12, 2015

The quote, “Theology, It’s as Simple as God + God = 3,” by Jacques Prévert, heads the latest article by Marco DeRossi, member of the Board of Directors for Atheist Freethinkers/Libres penseurs athées, entitled “Is Theology Harmful to Humanity?“: On September 20th 2015, the International Association of Free Thought (IAFT), on the occasion of its… Read more »