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Reflection – 2015 edition

by | December 31, 2015

2015 was a shitty year. There’s really no way to put it more gently. Book-ended by two of the worst acts of religious terrorism in recent history – both of which occurred in Paris, France – 2015 was a year of disasters large and small. Other than the attacks in France, perhaps the greatest tragedy… Read more »

Canadian Atheist 2016

by | December 31, 2015

Today’s Google Doodle shows five colourful birds sitting on a branch. The birds are waiting for an egg wearing a 2016 sash to hatch and mark the beginning of the year 2016. Canadian Atheist would like to mark the beginning of 2016 by giving its readers the opportunity to give their input on what they… Read more »

Unacceptable Nonsense

by | December 30, 2015

If a man standing on a street corner were stopping people to tell them what Baby Jesus wants, most people would either ignore him or have sympathy for him because the man appears to be incapable of living in a rational world. However, when the spiritual leader of more than a billion Catholics shares his… Read more »

The Sumerian Heresy

by | December 28, 2015

I’m not pleased. Enki would not be pleased. The foul Icelanders have besmirched the honour of Sumer. Followers purport to be worshipping ancient Sumerian gods, but the group’s raison d’être seems to have more to do with political and tax reform, with a long-term ambition to creatie a separation between religion and government. This must… Read more »