New Zealand’s Cheeky Idea of God

by | October 13, 2015

New Zealand has a lot of atheists/unbelievers so they don’t need to worry about ticking off the more religious when they made this short film for a competition for New Zealand tourism.

My favourite line: “It’s nice to get home now and again, eh bro? Eat some ice cream. Do some bombs.”

Here is Mr. Frosty and the BMX Kid from 2010.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Cheeky Idea of God

  1. Heather Hastie

    I haven’t seen this before. Bit rough I had to get come to a Canadian website to see it!

    It’s been too long since you’ve been to Aotearoa Diana – you’ve got the Kiwi idiom wrong! It’s eat some ice creams. 🙂

    1. Diana MacPherson

      Ha ha – yeah it makes sense too since why only have one ice cream? When I first went to NZ it was all the rage to say “sweet as” or ” as” and it took me a bit to realize there was no word coming after so I could stop listening for the comparative noun. 🙂

      1. Heather Hastie

        Yeah – we still say “sweet as”. In fact we do that sort of thing a lot. We’ve got a thing about people who talk too much, so we leave out words and even whole phrases when it’a obvious what the words are going to be. Lots of sayings we just say the first few words.

        You’ll know yourself when someone starts saying a well known phrase, your brain finishes it long before the person finishes saying it.


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