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That “Non Religious Kids are More Altruistic” Study

by | November 8, 2015

I’ve received emails and read many a tweet and Facebook post from gleeful atheists about this study. I can’t really blame them for their excitement, for we are continually confronted with assertions from believers that we just aren’t very moral without religion or that we our default disposition is “sad sack”; for example, Friday’s Real Time with… Read more »

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John Oliver Tells Us Who Not to Vote For

by | October 19, 2015

John Oliver did a pretty funny segment on the Canadian election. My favourite footage was of Justin Trudeau showing someone how to pretend to fall down the stairs and Stephen Harper creepily smiling and telling people how he likes watching Breaking Bad. But, the best is at the end and I won’t spoil it for you… Read more »

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More Debate about The Lord’s Prayer Shows that Some Canadians Think It’s Okay to Trample the Rights of Others

by | October 18, 2015

I recently wrote about how the town of Busby voted to keep recitation of the Lord’s Prayer as part of their public school’s morning exercises. In that post, I cited Luke Fevin’s remarks that keeping the Lord’s Prayer violates Canadian Charter rights and therefore voting on such an issue is senseless because one cannot pick… Read more »

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New Zealand’s Cheeky Idea of God

by | October 13, 2015

New Zealand has a lot of atheists/unbelievers so they don’t need to worry about ticking off the more religious when they made this short film for a competition for New Zealand tourism. My favourite line: “It’s nice to get home now and again, eh bro? Eat some ice cream. Do some bombs.” Here is Mr.… Read more »

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