God is a Dog. Or something like that.

by | July 31, 2015


These sorts of signs have been cropping up all over North America, so I was not surprised to hear from Mark from Sudbury about this one in my mother’s old neighbourhood. In fact, I snapped a few shots myself.


It’s sad that it’s right next to an indoctrination centre or what they call a child care. My time in Sunday school didn’t indoctrinate me very well, so we can always hope it doesn’t with these kids.

There is supposed to be a joke here, and I suppose it is against dyslexics and/or atheists. Atheists atheist cartoons have a sense of humour and, it appears some dyslexics also have a sense of humour dyslexic with a sense of humour So it’s not like we can’t take a joke.

The sign only works as a joke against atheists with those who need their faith bolstered, and it’s not even that funny. For it to be funny one has to presuppose that their God exists since dogs obviously exist. Who knew? United Church is taking notes from Sye? To me it’s yet another good sign (get it?) that the religious are getting desperate, and I just laugh it off. After all, it’s their property and not a public property like a hospital.

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