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Yet another survey shows majority support for defunding Ontario’s Catholic school system, but does it matter?

by | July 11, 2015

Poll numbers in Ontario are up! No, not for the Ontario Liberals – they’re in the basement and digging (say hi to Justin Trudeau while you’re down there!). I’m talking about public support for ending the publicly funded, separate Catholic school system. I don’t imagine anyone who reads this blog supports the idea of maintaining… Read more »

Jimmy Carter Leaves the Southern Baptists for Equality

by | July 11, 2015

Jimmy Carter has been a proud member of the Southern Baptists for approximately 60 years. He is also a compassionate leader who, after completing his term as President of the United States, started The Carter Center in 1982. As Wikipedia points out the Carter Center “…promotes democracy, mediates and prevents conflicts, and monitors the electoral process… Read more »