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Woman on Porter Airlines Refuses to Switch Seats and Accommodate Sexism in the Name of Religion

by | July 29, 2015

Finally, a woman has refused to change seats on an airline to accommodate a sexist, religious request. As CBC reports: Christine Flynn, 31, said she was buckled in and waiting for Porter Airlines Flight 121 from Newark, N.J. to Toronto to take off early on Monday morning when an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man approached. The man made… Read more »

Atheist Breast Cancer Support Group

by | July 29, 2015

Diana MacPherson‘s January 14, 2015 post “An Atheist’s Perspective on Cancer” received comments today from reader Karla. In her first comment, Karla replied to an earlier comment from Iwona who says, I would like to be able to find a group of people (women) that are going through the same problems and are not constantly talking… Read more »