Quebec Government Issues Immigration Certificate to Raif Badawi

by | June 12, 2015
Quebec Legislature

Yesterday, Maka Kotto, PQ Member of the National Assembly for Bourget, Quebec, made the following request of the Quebec government:

Mr. Speaker, following the confirmation of the conviction of the blogger of Raif Badawi by the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia on Sunday, the Minister of International Relations has said, and I quote: “My role is going to be to put more pressure [on the federal government].” Obviously, nothing tangible has come out of this effort. Last week, we asked the government of Quebec to go farther by making a strong gesture for Raif Badawi by granting him a Quebec immigration certificate for humanitarian reasons.

So, is the government is going to accept our proposal to grant him a special certificate to make him Québécois by adoption? (My translation)

Today, Max Harrold from CTV News, Quebec tweeted this news,

Quebec govt issues immigration certificate to @raif_badawi, the blogger imprisoned in Saudi Arabia; all-parties agree

Bravo Quebec!

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