Introducing David Rand’s Blog

by | June 11, 2015

David Rand, the president of Atheist Freethinkers, has started a personal blog entitled David Rand’s Blog. Rand’s first post is “Introduction” which sets out the main themes he wishes to explore and why he has chosen them:

The principal — but not necessarily exclusive — theme of my personal blog will be atheism and the struggle against religious obscurantism, because these are the issues that interest me the most, as well as concerns directly related to these issues such as secularism, freethought, critical thinking, rationalism, scepticism, humanism, etc. In particular, I expect to devote much of my attention to exposing and criticizing atheophobia in its myriad forms.

Rand concludes his first post with a summary of  “the basic underpinnings of [his] point of view,” so read Rand’s “Introduction,” and introduce yourself by leaving a comment.

One thought on “Introducing David Rand’s Blog

  1. unknown

    Living as an unbeliever in an Islamic country is hard and raising unbeliever children in an Islamic country is harder. In a country where one comes-a-cross religious propaganda in everyday life from grosser shop to school, play ground to barber shop, tv programs to government office even in public washroom one faces religious preaching. At home, you bring up your children in a way that they question everything and they demand for evidences of everything. At the same time keep telling them that DON’T do this at school and public and say yes whatever they say. Show them you believe that they believe. How long you can keep your children in such a condition where they live two lives. How long they will control themselves when science teacher teach them Darwin’s theory of evolution with great evidences and at he/she tells ‘these (Darwin’s theory of evolution) all are incorrect and propaganda against god’. There are much like this. Need your comment on this.


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