The TTC Goes Secular

by | May 9, 2015

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has finally decided to discontinue its practise of maintaining special Sunday transit stops in front of Toronto churches in

an attempt to rationalize service, but also an acknowledgement of Toronto’s changing religious landscape.

The TTC board decision made the decision to eliminate Sunday to improve “safety and service for all TTC users on all routes.” However, there are other reasons: the TTC has finally recognized that “Toronto the Good,” is no longer just a “City of Churches,” but a city of temples, mosques and other places of worship that do not have the privilege of special transit stops.

At least one church going Christian is going to complain to his city councillor because he just doesn’t get it:

“I understand that they’re saying others don’t have it, but does that mean no one should have it?”

That’s right, the days of granting special privileges to Christians are over, at least for the TTC. As the transit’s spokesperson Brad Ross points out,

“We are a secular society and times have changed.”

The TTC’s elimination of Sunday transit stops is one small step in the recognition that religion should not dominate the public sphere.

One thought on “The TTC Goes Secular

  1. Tim Underwood

    It seems a shame to ruin Sunday, that great Roman Imperial day of worship, for the few who use public transit.

    Diversity is a universal repellant.

    Too bad we couldn’t create a universal, Canadian, nature-worship tradition along the lines of Reformed Judaism or Unitarian Universalism. It would be easy enough to do this with the proper tax incentives.

    If religious people just paid their taxes, and quit pretending to donate to charities, there would be a lot more money available for welfare, where it is most needed.

    Probably the same could be said for a single Canadian Sunday nature-worship scheme.

    The main benefit, for this enhanced scheme, may be a better proving ground for popular music practitioners. It was gospel singing that created the golden age of radio heroes.


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