Nobody Knows Child Abuse Like Catholics

by | May 9, 2015

Members of a concerned Catholic group have written a letter to Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi, the Apostolic Nuncio to Canada. This “group of concerned, faithful Catholics” want to protect their children’s innocence from exposure to activity that is “illicit” and “morally and spiritually damaging.” In particular, these parents want Bonazzi to help them protect their children from sexual abuse because

Any action which sexualizes a child before he or she is ready is sexual abuse.

Because the parents are “disappointed by the lack of support from [their] Bishops,” they are appealing to Bonazzi, whose job it is to

inform the Apostolic See about the conditions in which the particular Churches find themselves, and matters which affect the life of the Church and the good of souls.

Unfortunately, these parents are not asking Bonazzi to take swift action against the possibility that the priests who interact with their children in church, at parish social events and in the halls of publicly-funded Ontario Catholic schools will abuse their children. Oh no, these parents, who continue to expose their children to the very real possibility of sex abuse by Catholic clergy, want Bonazzi to protect their children from the Ontario government’s newly revised 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum for elementary and secondary schools.

These parents complain that their children are learning about homosexuality and masturbation while ignoring the very real danger that their children may be abused by their parish or school priest.

These parents are so ignorant that they really believe that the Vatican, through its Nuncio, will be able to successfully affect what is taught in publicly-funded Ontario schools:

Your Grace, we would greatly appreciate if you would look into these matters; the matters-we fear-if allowed to continue will have very serious and grave consequences. We kindly ask Your Grace to forward this correspondence to each of these dicasteries: the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Congregation for Catholic Education. With great confidence and hope, we pray for Your Grace to be able to help us resolve these matters.

How can Catholic parents be so naive? They are looking for help from an organization that won’t even take effective action to punish sex abuse by clergy or to ensure that the abuse doesn’t occur in the future.

The parents claim they “cannot trust the Institute for Catholic Education.” They’re correct, they can’t trust any organization that calls itself Catholic. These parents should stop going to church, fraternizing with priests and sending their children to Catholic schools. As long as parents continue to be “faithful Catholics,” their children will experience the “very serious and grave consequences” of a Catholic education that is mired in superstition, ignorance and bigotry.

One thought on “Nobody Knows Child Abuse Like Catholics

  1. Tim Underwood

    Catholic control over their flock is so intensely focused on every hint of sexual activity.
    Christ, on the other hand, was intensely focused on convincing everyone that the impending siege and genocide of Jerusalem was orchestrated and condoned by God.

    This is clearly a misdirection of Christianity’s original purpose.


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