“God’s Politics”: The Video

by | March 22, 2015

The video of “God’s Politics,” the second debate in the Chesterton Debate Series, is now available on video:

People flocked once again to Isabel Bader Theatre on February 27, 2015, to witness Dr. Iain Benson, a Catholic legal philosopher, writer, and professor, and Leslie Rosenblood,  founding member of and policy adviser for the Canadian Secular Alliance, debate “Religion’s Role in Political Life.” The debate was moderated by Lorna Dueck, a popular television personality and Globe and Mail contributor.


Please see Leslie Rosenblood’s blog, Opinions and Questions, for further discussion of the debate.

One thought on ““God’s Politics”: The Video

  1. Tim Underwood

    The Poor
    This is a term most likely appropriated by the Roman Christians from the Messianic Jews; if the Dead Sea Scrolls are used as evidence.

    Within a democracy, such as Canada, the Roman Catholic Church, among others, has appropriated ‘The Poor’ as their purview. Naturally, governments anxious to abdicate all non natural resource revenue responsibilities, will defer ‘The Poor’ to anyone willing.

    The advantage of doing this is the Church can raise additional revenues that is referred to as ‘charity’.

    Observing that this also enriches the church reveals the inherent inefficiencies of this system.

    The good people who do the actual work are the type of people who would do the good work for whatever employer was present.

    If the responsible parties, the various governments, assumed responsibility for “The Poor’, the fiscal efficiency would naturally be improved.

    Dr. Iain Benson is only another obstacle in adequately funding essential support for ‘The Poor.


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