Please, No JPII Day in Canada

by | May 10, 2014

The first Karol Wojtyła (aka Pope John Paul II) day in Ontario was April 2, 2014. On March 28, I noted that Ontario Bill 72, Pope John Paul II Day Act, 2014 “was passed in what appears to be unseemly haste.” The Bill was never discussed in committee, so there was no opportunity for public debate.

A similar bill, Bill C-266: An Act to establish Pope John Paul II Day in Canada, passed its third and final reading in Parliament and was referred to the Senate. When the Senate completed the second reading on April 30, Bill C-266 was sent to committee for debate.

On May 9, 2014, the Canadian Secular Alliance sent a written submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights concerning concerning Bill C-266: An Act to Establish Pope John Paul II Day:

The Canadian Secular Alliance asks the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights to signal its commitment to the principles of human rights for all, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, and gender by refusing to pass C-266: An Act to Establish Pope John Paul II Day.

The complete submission is available on the Canadian Secular Alliance website.

3 thoughts on “Please, No JPII Day in Canada

  1. Paul Preiswerck

    Why would you want to celebrate the leader of a group that has hindered prosecution and continues to defend pedophiles. As a victim of sexual abuse as a child I am deeply disturbed that Canada, a secular nation, would want to encourage, and support, an organization that protects child rapists. Celebrating leaders of such groups is an insult to Canadians and humanity as a whole.

    Paul Preiswerck.

  2. Randy

    Hopefully the Senate can see that it’s not wise to honour a person currently under investigation by a UN committee against torture, regarding harm to children under his reign, after already being denounced by a committee on the rights of the child, for abuses.

    It boggles the mind that not a single MPP in Ontario had any problem with this. In light of that, none of the big three parties will get my vote.

  3. billybob

    Its not about JP2, it is about votes. The sheep will bahh
    approvingly without one thought about who he was or what
    he did.


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