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by | March 17, 2014


The title of this post serves two purposes: it recommends an article, and the recommended article recommends reading.

In “Reading Books Doesn’t Just Make You Literate: It Reduces Stress, Promotes Good Health, and Makes You More Empathetic,” Erin Kelly says,

Studies show that reading books reduces stress, strengthens intuition, staves off Alzheimer’s disease, helps you sleep and makes you more empathetic. In other words: Books don’t just make you a better reader. They make you a better you.

In addition,

Reading has such an impact on emotional intelligence that Forbes recently claimed that if its readers wanted to succeed in business, they needed to read more books.

What to read? Kelly’s advice

The key to becoming a reader and basking in all its benefits is simple: Just read. Read anything.

But first, read the article!

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