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Atheists are not Automatically Sociopaths: A Scientific Refute of a Meme

by | March 9, 2014

This gem popped up in my Facebook feed today. Like many internet memes, I have no idea of its origins but I hope it’s not indicative of what people really think about atheists (i.e.: atheist = sociopath). But just in case, I thought I’d go through this meme’s assertions sentence by sentence. Instead of pointing… Read more »

Ontario: Christianity and Crown

by | March 9, 2014

Ontario’s official motto is “Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanet” (Loyal she began, loyal she remains). Ontario continues to be loyal to Christianity and the British Crown as indicated by Ontario’s official symbols. Ontario’s flag, adopted May 21, 1965, contains two crosses. On Ontario’s coat of arms, a black bear draws the eye to the cross… Read more »