God Responds to Matthew McConaughey

by | March 3, 2014

If you ever wonder why things in the world are so messed up, it’s because God is spending all His time watching Matthew McConaughey’s career and providing him all those opportunities, as revealed in McConaughey’s Oscar acceptance speech. McConaughey says he needs three things in his life, the first being God who “has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand”. That sounds reasonable. It couldn’t have been all those people who helped along the way: fellow actors, directors, script writers. After all, according to McConaughey, God showed him that “it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.”

CBSNews parses the entire speech for you here and fear not, God noticed and was pleased 😀

God responds to Matthew McConaughey

God responds to Matthew McConaughey

4 thoughts on “God Responds to Matthew McConaughey

  1. billybob

    God appears to be exceedingly fond of football players, actors and politicians but not the average person. So many prayers, so little time.

  2. Veronica Abbass

    “it’s a scientific fact” that McConaughey is an actor playing to an audience.

  3. Earl

    Once you hit the big time, you have to find and thank a God..lol…people are sick, very sick, to believe in something that don’t exist, like Santa , and the tooth fairy.

    Before white man, you didn’t see any big ugly churches on the land, natives didn’t need the illusion to get by….they took care of the land, their children , and elders…white man is a disgrace to the land, and his people, some of which is sleeping out in the cold, on an empty stomach.

    The Catholic religion alone, apparently is worth more than what we can even imagine…the new pope was specifically chosen from South America, because the economy is going to get better down there, and they want their share, thats the reason a South American Pope was chosen.

    Why does government leave all these religious groups in our society, well its good for them, just like the mafia, biker,and street gangs, it helps keep the general public worried while government
    is taxing and creating their own illusion for the people themselves…..just another part of the great belief.

    Maybe next time I’ll ask why do we need Royal families, and other false beliefs.

    Is their anything real in this world anymore, besides money, and more money?


  4. iEarl

    When will will the religious Organizations pay their fair share of tax?

    We the people need to go out in the streets and make government change the crazy laws so they pay tax like everyone else.

    Criminal organizations don’t pay tax, neither do religious organizations…is this fair to the people of this country?


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