3 thoughts on “Atheist Billboard In Calgary

  1. Tom Hennessy

    Is it mere coincidence the billboard is a block away from Centre Street Church the largest church in Calgary?

  2. Steve

    I don’t see an issue with people expressing their views. The issue that I find repulsive is dishonesty. The Centre of Inquiry claims it is atheist (without God) However its message is not atheist it is anti-theist A.K.A. antichrist.
    Theist – the belief that God exists or that many gods exist
    Atheist – one who believes that there is no deity
    Anti-theist – one opposes a deity or deities.

    The ads from Centre of Inquiry are clearly opposed to any God or deity. Therefore, Centre of Inquiry is anti-theist not atheist as they claim.

  3. marc

    @Steve – You do realize that a person can be both atheist and anti-theist right? They’re not mutually exclusive.


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