An Interview with Nabina Maharjan — Secretary/Youth Advisor, Society for Humanism Nepal

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Any family background in humanism? Nabina Maharjan: Most of my family members are Hindu and Buddhist. But at one point, they went beyond religion. I could say they made decisions towards something like humanism. There are lots of non-believer beliefs that family members in … Continue reading

An Interview with Danielle Erika Hill Conference Director – The 2017 Asian Humanism Conference

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So we’ve been talking off-tape a little bit about demographics and the situation in the Philippines, and political and religious issues. But first, I want to take a step back and ask, “Do you have a background in humanism or non-belief? How did … Continue reading

An Interview with Uttam Niraula — Board Member, IHEU & SOCH Nepal

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Was there a family background in humanism? Uttam Niraula: Not at all. My father was a famous Hindu priest of my village. He passed away when I was four years. My mom is also a very religious. I was pro-Hindu child due to … Continue reading

What can we do about the aftermath of the earthquakes in Nepal?

In response to the earthquakes in Nepal, many religious people have suggested that this is  an indication of the endtimes, or that Yahweh is punishing the heathens (mostly Hindus) in that country for ignoring him, or that he is using it as an opportunity to allow Christians to share the … Continue reading

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