Interview with Kuan-Yu Chiang – Freethinker from Taipei, Taiwan

— By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Kuan-Yu Chiang is an HPT Chief Supervisor and Medical Doctor and a Freethinker from Taipei, Taiwan. Here we talk, in brief, about nonbelievers in Taiwan as part of an ongoing effort of collecting Asian region freethinker voices. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: In short, what was a point … Continue reading

Interview with Kevin Feng Chin Wen – Taiwanese Youth Humanist Activist and Writer

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Kevin Feng Chin Wen is a Taiwanese Youth Humanist Activist and Writer. Here we talk about the secular movement in Southeast Asia/East Asia. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have been actively involved in the secular movement in Southeast Asia/East Asia for several years. There have been social and … Continue reading

Interview with Tsung-jen Wu – Asian Working Group (Taiwan), Vice-Chair East Asia, Young Humanists International

Tsung-jen Wu is the Vice-Chair of East Asia of the Asian Working Group (Taiwan) of Young Humanists International. He is important in the provision of a perspective from East Asia and humanism. In particular, the youth culture of humanism there, in which Taiwan may become an important vanguard – in … Continue reading

An Interview with Danielle Erika Hill Conference Director – The 2017 Asian Humanism Conference

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So we’ve been talking off-tape a little bit about demographics and the situation in the Philippines, and political and religious issues. But first, I want to take a step back and ask, “Do you have a background in humanism or non-belief? How did … Continue reading

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