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Ignoring Silver Bells

by | November 29, 2015

There is a myth that the inspiration for the Christmas song “Silver Bells” came from “the bells used by Santa Clauses and Salvation Army people on New York City street corners.” What is not a myth is Christmas music inspires people to spend enormous amounts of money in late November and in December. Christmas music… Read more »

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Quilts of Valour

by | May 29, 2015

I have a friend who likes to do quilting.  Yes quilting – hand-made comfort and warmth in the form of a blanket. My friend, like me, is also very committed to contributing to Canada and the community whenever possible…so my friend started to contribute to an organization called Quilts of Valour.  According to their website, they’ve… Read more »

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A Worthy Cause

by | December 18, 2014

In a Canadian Atheist post, Indi says, Stop giving money to The Salvation Army. Seriously, stop it. They are not a charity, they are a church. They are an evangelical Christian church. This is not opinion, this is fact. Would you like to take the Christ out of Christmas, but don’t know where to contribute… Read more »

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Book Clubs for Inmates

by | November 26, 2014

On November 21, Kate Taylor introduced Globe and Mail readers to a different kind of book club: Book Clubs for Inmates. Book Clubs for Inmates was started in 2009 by Carol Finlay, a retired Anglican priest and English teacher, at Collins Bay Institution, in Kingston Ontario: “I went into Collins Bay. … I thought I… Read more »

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