An Interview with Ariel Pontes — Chair, Americas Working Group, IHEYO

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Tell us about your family background — to give some groundwork. My mom is a singer/actress, my father is a music graduate who became a tax officer when I was born. Everyone in my family is nominally Catholic and I was also baptized, but my family … Continue reading

An Interview with Julia Julstrom-Agoyo — Secretary & Treasurer of Americas Working Group of IHEYO

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Let’s delve a little bit into your background to provide a foundation for the conversation. Do you have a family background or only a personal background? Julia Julstrom-Agoyo: A family background, my mom loves to tell the story about how she grew up in Lima, … Continue reading

An Interview with Wade Kaardal, Chairperson of the Asian Working Group for IHEYO

Was there a family background in humanism and skepticism? To be honest, no. My family, being ethnically Norwegian, has strong ties to the Lutheran church, going back generations. My great grandfather was a missionary in Africa. Of course, he was an older kind of missionary, meaning his mission was in … Continue reading

An Interview with Anya Overmann, Communications Officer of IHEYO

*This interview has been mildly edited for clarity and readability.* Tell us about yourself — family background, culture, first language, and religious/humanist background. I was born and raised in St. Louis. My parents were raised Catholic. Independently, they decided Catholicism and Christianity were not for them. They didn’t want to … Continue reading

An Interview with Emily Newman — Communications Coordinator at American Ethical Union

  As our correspondence has unfolded, I have discovered that, not only you but, your family is steeped in ethical humanism, and ethical societies. So what is the deal? Where did your family first come into contact with ethical humanism? My parents were married at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical … Continue reading

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