Weird Words

by | July 30, 2015


Today, @OxfordWords tweeted a link to the article “The 20 Weirdest Words Added to the Dictionary Because of Technology“:

1) Screenager (n.)
2) Meatspace (n.)
3) Slacktivism (n.)
4) Al desko (adv. & adj.)
5) MOOC (n.)
6) Netiquette (n.)
7) Dox (v.)
8) First World problem (n.)
9) Srsly (adv.)
10) Cyberchondriac (n.)
11) Lamestream (adj. & n.)
12) Gigaflop (n.)
13) Fat finger (n.)
14) Nom nom (exclamation)
15) Egosurf (v.)
16) Boyf (n.)
17) Vote (someone or something) off the island (v.)
18) Phablet (n.)
19) Woot (exclamation)
20) Facepalm (n.)

Note: The author didn’t include tweet (v.)

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