Questions for Federal Candidates: Updated

by | June 25, 2015

Elections Canada

Here is the updated list of questions to ask the federal candidates in your riding:

  • Do you support the right to freedom from religion as well as the right to freedom of religion?
  • Do you support secular governance, i.e. separation between religion and state?
  • Do you support removing the phrase “the supremacy of God” from the preamble to the 1982 Canadian constitution?
  • Do you support removing God from the national anthem?
  • Do you support repealing Section 296 of the Criminal Code which makes “blasphemy” a crime?
  • Do you support repealing paragraph 319(3)(b) of the Hate Propaganda provisions of the Criminal Code because it exempts religious discourse from prosecution, thus granting a dangerous privilege to religions, permitting them to make hateful statements with impunity?
  • Do you support closing Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom?
  • Do you oppose atheophobia, the anti-atheist prejudice that atheists have no morals or flawed morals or are morally inferior to those who believe in a god?
  • Do you think that public servants, while on duty, have a duty to avoid promoting or favouring partisan political or religious views, both in their behaviour and in their appearance?
  • Do you think that face-coverings should be banned for all public servants while on duty and for all persons while they are receiving a public service, including citizenship hearings?
  • Do you think that theology faculties should be banned in all public universities and that no taxpayer funding should be provided to support any sectarian religious instruction?
  • Do you support removing all government finances for pastoral interventions within Canada Corrections and the National Parole System?
  • Do you accept the theory of evolution by natural selection as fact using the scientific definition of theory?

One thought on “Questions for Federal Candidates: Updated

  1. Sylvia J. Wilson

    And it means nothing because the Evangelicals are running Canada. In Canada we have the right to religious freedom and to worship who we
    please, even if we believe that the moon is made of blue cheese or that
    there is no God and we’re just an alien experiment. HOWEVER, when you
    mix that religion with politics
    and start making policies based on your religious beliefs, then it
    becomes MY business.

    The Christian Alliance Church, Evangelical Christians, believe that the earth is only 6,500 years old and all scientists are liars.

    They believe that without Israel there can be no Armageddon
    and therefore no Rapture. Therefore Israel must be protected at any

    They do no support abortion or homosexuality and believe that those who aren’t born-again are “lost.”

    WHO is the most PROMINENT member of the Christian Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta? Canada’s Prime Minster, Stephen Harper.


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