9 thoughts on “The Physics of Homeopathy

  1. All I can say is FFS! We’ve got an MP in NZ who suggested sending homeopaths to help with the Ebola problem. Someone else suggested sending the homeopaths would at least help with the Homeopathy problem.

    • “All I can say is FFS!”
      Yeah, that’s a good way to sum it up.
      Although, I do see a certain poetry in the way she moves from E=mc^2 to the complete negation of all mass in the universe, and then from the speed of light and string theory, to human sight and hearing. While watching it, I thought, this must be what it feels like to read the second act of the play of the King in Yellow, as the crawling madness of Eldritch horror takes control of your mind. For ref:

      • Extending her “theory”: we are finite beings in an infinite universe, therefore we don’t exist. So all our illnesses are a figment of our imagination and don’t need treating at all. Result: we don’t need homeopathy.

        I’d never heard of ‘The King in Yellow’. It’s beyond me too.

        • Exactly, when you dilute the mass of the universe… you get nothing, and by negating homeopathy it proves homeopathy…..


  2. The concentration of saturated baloney in that video far exceeds homeopathic specifications.

  3. Joe you are cruel posting this brain numbing nonsense.

    I’ll get you next time I see you!

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