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The Blacksmith

by | November 22, 2014

I am not a gamer; in fact, the last video game I played was Pac-Man. However, today, Larry Moran announced My son Gordon and his friend Colby are working on a new game called “For the King.” He included a picture of one of the characters in “For the King!”: The Blacksmith. I immediately identified with… Read more »

Egypt’s Muslim and Christian Scholars Team Up to Rid Egypt of Atheism

by | November 22, 2014

According to World Bulletin, Muslim and Christian scholars in Egypt have teamed up to forge “a ‘scholarly response’ to atheism.” According to Halim, a spokesman for Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, over the past three years, atheism has been “spreading increasingly”. The article explains that: Atheism is strictly taboo in Egypt’s mainstream public discourse. But since the… Read more »