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Police: Where is Mubarak Bala?

By Leo Igwe  As it stands now, the fate of Mubarak Bala, Nigerian humanist who was arrested last week is unknown. Nobody is sure if Mr. Bala is alive or dead. If he is alive, no one knows the conditions of his detention. Mr. Bala was last seen on April 29, 2020, a day after police… Read more »

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Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship

by | March 29, 2019

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics (OCAC) and Humanist Canada have established a partnership through the Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship. The intent of the scholarship is to provide physicians help in the acquisition of the skills necessary to perform abortions. Dr. Morgentaler (1923-1913) was a humanist physician, a pro-choice advocate, and… Read more »

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