Ask HRW (Israel and Palestine) 3 – November-December: Deportation from Tel Aviv, Israel for Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine Director

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Omar Shakir, J.D. works as the Israel and Palestine Director for Human Rights Watch. He investigates a variety of human rights abuses within Occupied Palestinian Territory (Gaza and the West Bank) and Israel. He earned a B.A. in International Relations from Stanford University, an M.A. in Arab … Continue reading

Ask HRW (Israel and Palestine) 2 – Demolitions

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Omar Shakir is the Israel and Palestine Director for Human Rights Watch (Middle East and North Africa Division). Here we talk about demolitions. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You have a specialty. That specialty is the Israel-Palestine issue. For June 2019, what were some of the major updates in terms … Continue reading

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