Pastor Paul VanderKlay on the Christian Reformed Church

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen I wanted to explore some of the world of different Christian leaders, small and big. However, I wanted to report less on those and more in their own words. These will be published, slowly, over time. This, I trust, may open dialogue and understanding between various communities. … Continue reading

This Week in Religion 2018-04-22

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  “Quiz any atheist on campus about the origin of the phrase, “separation of Church and State.” Do it! Will they tell you that it does not in fact appear anywhere in the Constitution? Perhaps. There are some intelligent students in the Secular Student Alliance. Here is one question … Continue reading

Interview with EJ Hill – Former Reformed Evangelical Christian Minister

  By Scott Douglas Jacobsen  Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You are a former missionary an church planter. What were moments for the crisis of faith or something akin to it? Were these singular momentous deluges or slow drips of doubt upon which you built an ocean to sail your non-religious boat? EJ Hill: I … Continue reading

Weekly Update: to

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 25-Nov-2017 to 1-Dec-2017.

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