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by | January 27, 2018

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for to .

[Cartoon of a man praying. The man asks: “God, do humans have free will?” God responds: “Certainly.”]

“In fact, I just decided that you would freely will to ask me that very question.”

  • [] “Potential” by Zach Weinersmith (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

    According to religious logic, humans must have free will… but is it possible to square that with the existence of a god?

  • [] Only the people can make January 29 a National Day Against Islamophobia

    There have been attempts to get politicians at all levels of government to recognize the anniversary of the Québec City mosque shooting as a day against islamophobia… but no politician is showing any sign of moving on it. Thus comes this suggestion that I have to admit warms the cockles of my plebeian heart. Fuck the politicians; let’s do it ourselves – let’s we the people make 29 January the day against islamophobia.

  • [] Far-Right Propaganda ‘Brainwashed’ Alleged Mosque Attacker, UK Murder Trial Hears

    The Rebel Media has been disgraced in Canada, but it’s apparently still hugely popular in the UK. While I’m happy that Canada itself has wised up, I can’t say I’m comfortable with Canada being one of the top international exporters of bigotry.

  • [] Islamophobia won’t be the central focus of parliamentary committee’s M-103 report, sources say

    This is hardly a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention (and whose head isn’t up their ass). The study as originally proposed in M-103 wasn’t an “islamophobia” study in the first place – it was a study of systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia. So of course islamophobia makes up only a small part of the report.

  • [] Furor over Muslim prayer centre in Waterloo reaches tribunal

    Unbelievable. So, last year a proposed mosque in Waterloo brought out the bigots, who raised a stink and put on a shit show in Council meetings. To their credit, the councillors weren’t fazed by the bigots, and went ahead and approved the mosque. I thought that was the end of it… but no. The bigots are still fighting it!

  • [] NDP MP Nathan Cullen Apologizes For Slamming Abortion-Rights Requirement In Jobs Program

    The story here isn’t Cullen’s outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease. It’s the clarification about what everyone’s been talking about: the government no longer providing summer jobs funding to anti-LGBT or anti-abortion groups. The government has explained that the key factor won’t be the groups’ beliefs, but their actions. In other words, an anti-LGBT church could still get funding… but only if the program they’re getting the funding for is not anti-LGBT.

  • [] A national day of remembrance: Lessons from the Québec massacre

    If 29 January is going to be a day of remembrance about the Québec City mosque shooting, it is important that we do more than just remember; we must learn from it. This piece makes some good suggestions for lessons we can take away from the tragedy.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: to

  1. Ian Bushfield

    I think you’re a bit more optimistic than I am that Canada has “wised up” to Rebel Media’s intolerance. I feel like it’s perhaps just changed its shape a bit and become a few different things.

    1. Indi Post author

      Well, I mean, the people who actually like their message will continue to like them of course, and they’re a large group. But I think it’s entered the public consciousness that The Rebel Media is on the same level as Breitbart. It may just be the circles I move in, but since around August, everyone talks about The Rebel with the same level of disdain and sarcasm that they talk about Fox News. No one goes to The Rebel as a valid news source anymore… unless they’re explicitly looking for justification for islamophobia etc..


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