Warning: Email may be down for the next few days

by | December 7, 2017

If you try to contact CA by email over the next few days, your message may be bounced or lost completely.

This is only going to be a temporary problem, and with luck, won’t actually be a problem at all – mail may simply be delayed rather than lost. But just to be safe, if you have anything important to contact CA about over the next few days, please use one of the alternate methods listed at the end of the post instead… or better yet, wait for the “all clear” message next week or so.

Why is this happening? Well, when I moved CA to its new home a few weeks back, I took a shortcut when dealing with email. I figured that we don’t really get all that much, and we don’t really need advanced functionality so… meh, I just had CA’s email redirected into my personal email box. Turns out I sold CA short, and underestimated our needs. So I need to bite the bullet and set up a more advanced email system. And because this will involve DNS records, that means there will be propagation delays up to a few days. (Otherwise, I could do the change over in an hour or so and no one would notice.)

I don’t expect any problems. I’ve already set up the system for my personal domain as a test. No real problems so far.

I will make a post once everything’s up and running smoothly. So until then, if you really need to get hold of CA between now and then, you can use one of the following options:

4 thoughts on “Warning: Email may be down for the next few days

  1. Shawn the Humanst

    Hey Indi,

    I got a Mastodon account this year. One thing that seemed implied is that Mastodon would let you follow non-Mastodon accounts. However, if I type @indi@sn.genesismachina.ca I get a crypting 500 notification. (Web server error 500?) If I drop the sn subdomain I get an empty search result.

    Should I be able to follow you on any Mastodon account? Or does it depend on who they do federate with, or who they have excluded?

    1. Indi Post author

      It should work, but I know it doesn’t. It used to work (for example, PZ Myers is on Mastodon, and he’s following me). But something broke a while back and I haven’t got around to fixing it.

      I really should get on that, because I eventually want to make a CA instance, but I obviously can’t do that while it’s broked. But other things have priority (like fixing the email, and getting the meta site up).

        1. Shawn the Humanst

          It kind of short of works.

          First time I tried I got a 503 error (cannot fetch remote data). The second time it worked. Got your profile and hit follow. However, it still didn’t get the data: 0 posts, 0 follows. But it got your picture.

          When I click the link on my local machine it takes a while for site to come up. About 5-10 seconds, I think. I assume new posts will come properly. We shall see. You previous posts haven’t been replicated on my local instance yet.


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